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String Light Poles for Outdoor String Lights 2 Pack,100 Inch Height Adjustable Metal Stand Pole with Hooks for Hanging String Lights,Garden, Backyard, Patio Lighting Stand for Parties, Wedding (Black)

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RINLAIN Outdoor String Light Pole, designed for heavy products used for many years-suitable for garden, wedding, party, birthday decoration and etc. It's stylish and convenient, easy to install, strong stability and fit for any occasion.

Birthdays and holidays aren't the only times to give gifts. Know someone moving into a new house with a garden, patio or backyard? These string light poles for outside will make a perfect contribution to the new chapter in their life.

1. We recommend using at least two poles to hang a heavy string of lights.
2. Please do not drag the light pole with the string, this will cause all the weight to be placed on one side of the pole, causing the pole to tilt or bend.
3. The correct way is to fix both ends of the light string first (you can hang it on the wall or tree), and then support it with the light pole in the corresponding position. The correct installation method can prolong the service life of the light pole.
4. The best distance between light poles depends on the weight of the string.

Package Includes:
2 Pack String Light Poles