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Stud Finder Wall Scanner Sensor - 5 in 1 Stud Sensor Detector Wall Scanner with LCD Display Beam Finders for the Center and Edge of Metal Wood AC Wire Studs Pipe Joist Detection

If you’re hanging pictures in your home or apartment that are heavy enough to require a wall stud, the easiest way to find one is with a stud finder. This wall stud finder will help you find wood and metal studs faster, and more accurately than tapping on the wall or hunting and guessing with a drill. Along with a tape measure and a level, it’s a core part of any new homeowner’s toolkit.

A stud finder needs to be accurate.For a successful project, you need to know what you are dealing with on the other side of the wall. We tested top stud finders on the market, Our stud sensor wall scannner is a top pick!

There are two basic types of sensors used in stud finders: electronic and magnetic.
Our electronic stud finders work by detecting changes in the density of the surface being scanned. This electronic wall detector have a visual display that pinpoints the location of the stud, and have an audible signal as well.

This Electronic stud sensors adoptes the Intelligent Microprocessor chip and could sense objects buried deeper inside.This stud finder features 5 scanning modes for wood, metal, AC wiring, studs, and object embedded up to a depth of 60mm. The basic mode scans through one layer of drywall, but the deep scan mode observes through two layers.

Q:Can stud finders be wrong?
A:This stud finder is accurater than 95% stud finders on the market. If you wanna better test results, we suggest that you could continue scanning the wall until you’ve located at least three studs. If the distance between each is equal, and is 16 to 24 inches, you can be confident that you’ve located studs, not some other building material.