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Super Geotextile 4, 6, 8 oz Non Woven Fabric for Landscaping, French Drains, Underlayment, Erosion Control, Construction Projects - 6 oz (6X100)

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Heavy-duty non-woven needle punched geotextiles

We carry a great variety of sizes to meet most of your project needs

Weight matters! You want to use the right weight. The heavier this stuff is the better for most projects. Most needle-punch filter-fabric comes in 2 oz, 4 oz, 6 oz, and 8 oz thicknesses. If you want to do your project right the first time, the 6 oz or 8 oz is what you need for heavy duty projects or 4 oz and 6 oz for the highest water flow!

Driveway underlayment
Erosion control
Construction underlayment
Heavy rip-rap/boulder retaining walls
Pond underlayment
General landscaping
Heavy-duty barrier
Shoreline erosion control
And much more
* When used as a barrier special care must be taken to properly prepare the ground before installation to minimize growth, also due to the high water flow rates may grow through and will need to be periodically sprayed or removed

Non-woven, needle punched
Superior strength, dimensionally stable
High water flow
Prevents erosion
rot resistant
Increases the puncture resistance of pond liners
Soil separation for added stability
Easy to install

*Full 300 foot rolls ship wrapped in plastic, other pieces may come folded and boxed