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Swimming Pool Game Ball 9 Inch Underwater Pool Toy Ball with Hose Adapter, for Under Water Passing, Dribbling, Diving, Pool Game for Teen Adult (Gradient Style)

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Swimming pool ball, 9 inch ball fills with water with hose adapter for underwater passing dribbling diving water pool games for teens adults

Enjoy the ball in water:
Each water ball is made of tear resistant PVC material which can withstand intense action, and there is neutral buoyancy when the ball is full of water, which means the ball sinks first, then "slowly" floats to the surface, easy to carry, suitable for many swimming pool games.

Wide uses:
The inflatable ball is suitable for most kinds of water sports, players can dribble like basketball, imitate the actions in football, basketball, dribble, kick, bounce, pass and intercept underwater. It will create even more pleasure to combine with other pool toys for an interesting and novel pool game or obstacle course.

Have a good time together:
You can take friends or guests and form a water sports team, fill up the water pool ball with water and start the game. Teenagers and adults can enjoy the ball with family and friends at any pool party, water party, summer party, beach party, spending a happy time and leaving good memories.

Color: as shown in pictures
Material: PVC
Purpose: water filling

Package include:
1 x Swimming pool ball
1 x Hose adapter with filling needle

Suitable for people aged over 12 years old.