SwimSchool Swim Trainer - Small/Medium - Swim Vest with Shoulder Sleeves, Adjustable Safety Strap, and Removable Chin-Up Collar -Blue/Orange

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Premium swim trainer – level 2 – promote confidence & play: swim trainer vest supports your child in feeling comfortable in the water adjustable, secure fit: trainer vest is easy to wear and comes with a chin-up collar to keep head above water, padded shoulders, a heavy-duty zipper and adjustable safety strap for a secure, comfortable fit chin-up collar: keeps head abover water. Removable collar is also a swim and collect toy for swim practice built-in foam pads: balanced flotation and designed to place child in the prone (swim) position for learning pre-swimming positions. Fabric flotation vest: comfortable, soft fabric vest designed to propel your child forward to promote use of arms and legs and swim position. Soft UPF 50 fabric: keep your child's neck, shoulders and upper arms safe from the sun's harmful rays. Pack and go portability and storage size: up to 50 lbs. 22 inch chest. Vest is adjustable but may not fit every child Size. Small/Medium-recommended for ages 2-4 years, 33 lb. Max


  • Level 2 swim trainer vest: Supports your child in feeling comforable in the water; promotes confidence and play
  • Secure, adjustable fit: Easy-to-wear kids swim vest includes padded Chin-Up Collar, a fabric-covered heavy duty zipper and adjustable padded safety strap for a secure, comfortable fit; adult supervision required when kids are in the water
  • Soft fabric swim vest: Comfortable form-fit vest is designed to propel your child forward and promote the use of arms and legs; protective UPF 50 fabric keeps your child's upper body safe from the sun's rays
  • Built-in foam pads: Flex-form pads balance flotation and place your child in the prone swimming position while Chin-Up Collar keeps their head above water; removable collar is also a swim-and-collect toy for swim practice
  • Small/medium size: Recommended for ages 2-4 years; weight capacity: up to 33 pounds; packaging may vary