TCP FBA_RLG255W27KND3 Light Bulb, 3 Count (Pack of 1), Soft White

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Reducing the amount of energy used by the light sources in your home not only helps the environment – it also saves you a significant amount of money over time. Replacing your old incandescent light bulbs with LED bulbs is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to start saving. Energy-saving LED bulbs are designed to last longer than incandescent ones, meaning you won’t need to change your bulbs for roughly 18.3 years, based on usage of 3 hours per day. TCP Decorative Globe Vanity Light Bulbs offer light output equivalent to 40 watt bulbs but use only 5 watts. Imagine the savings you’ll receive such a drastic reduction in energy consumption and the time you will save not having to replace the bulbs in your ceiling fixtures, lamps and bathroom vanity for the next 18 years! These round vanity lights provide the aesthetic style you prefer for your bathroom or makeup vanity, as well as other decorative lighting fixtures, and the E26 medium screw base makes it a perfect fit for most fixtures. If you’re unsure about the lighting quality of LED bulbs, be assured that TCP bulbs offer consistent color – these bulbs are designed to provide the soft white light you like in your home, making your rooms warm and inviting. Note that these bulbs are non-dimmable, so they may not be suitable for fixtures that are used for mood lighting in living or dining areas. But they are perfect for bathroom and other decorative use, and can be used in protected outdoor locations as well, such as covered patios and porches that are out of the elements. This convenient 3-pack allows you to replace multiple bulbs at once. Replace your old incandescent bulbs all at one time to avoid burned out bulbs for years to come. Order yours now and make the energy-reducing, cost-saving upgrades you’ve been meaning to.


  • ENERGY SAVING: These decorative light bulbs give you the light quality and brightness of a traditional 40 watt incandescent bulb but use only 5 watts of energy
  • LONG LASTING: Rated at 20,000 hours, TCP vanity light bulbs last 18.3 years, based on 3 hours of usage per day
  • PERFECT FIT FOR MOST FIXTURES: The E26 screw base is a common base and will fit most bathroom vanities, ceiling fans, table lamps and more
  • 350 Lumens
  • CONSISTENT COLOR: Keep the soft white light you love with 2700K LED bulbs
  • QUICK & EASY INSTALL – These are standard A19 shaped bulbs with a medium E26 screw base. Simply install this directly into medium screw base light fixtures.
  • 20+ YEARS OF LIGHTING EXPERIENCE – Manufactured by TCP Lighting, a leader in LED innovation. You can trust us. We know light.