The Naked Roommate: And 107 Other Issues You Might Run Into in College

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Review "The Naked Roommate is a fun and helpful read for any student entering - or even wondering about - college." - Santa Fe New Mexican Product Description For 10 years (and counting), The Naked Roommate has been the #1 go-to guide for your very best college experience!From sharing a bathroom with 40 strangers to sharing lecture notes, The Naked Roommate is your behind-the-scenes look at EVERYTHING you need to know about college (but never knew you needed to know). This essential, fully updated edition is packed with real-life advice on everything from making friends to managing stress. Hilarious, outrageous, and telling stories from students on over 100 college campuses cover the basics, and then some, including topics onCollege Living•Dorm dos, don'ts, and dramas•Lying, noisy, nasty roommatesFinding People, Places, & Patience•Social network dos and don'ts•Friend today, gone tomorrowClasses•To go or not to go?•How to get an A, C, or FDating•17 kinds of college hookups•Long distance = BIG concernsThe Party Scene•The punch in the "fruit punch"•Sex, drugs, and safety firstMoney•Grants, loans, and loose change•Credit cards and campus jobsIn college, there's a surprise around every corner. Luckily, The Naked Roommate has you covered! About the Author Harlan Cohen is the New York Times bestselling author of the Naked Roommate series and is one of the most widely read and respected syndicated advice columnists for teens and twenty-somethings. His column, "Help Me, Harlan!," is distributed by King Features Syndicate, and his advice has been featured in hundreds of publications, including the New York Times, Seventeen, and Psychology Today. Harlan regularly tours high school and college campuses giving presentations to students, professionals and parents. He lives in Chicago, Illinois. For more information, visit and Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. Welcome to the first page, the first day of college, and my first tip.There are a lot of firsts happening here-first time possibly away from home, first time possibly living with a stranger, first college class, first college professors, first college hookup, first love, first loss, first time possibly having sex (or not having it, or just hearing other people have it), maybe your first pregnancy scare, first sexually transmitted infection (also called sexually transmitted disease), first time seeing people use drugs, first time borrowing thousands of dollars and first time spending thousands of dollars, first time having to make choices on your own, first time staying out all night, first time having to make a new life for yourself, and the first time when you can do as much as you want or as little as you want and have no one to answer to but you (assuming you don't answer your phone).Naturally, the first time you do something, it's normal to not be completely comfortable doing it. Comfort takes time. So understand that it will take time to find your comfortable places in college. Be who you are, not who people want you to be (or who you think people want you to be). Focus on what you want, not on being wanted. Work to find what you love to do inside and outside the classroom. Create a world filled with options-socially, academically, and spiritually. Don't wait for people to give you your college experience. Create it. Make it happen. And along the way, appreciate that no matter what happens, no matter what you're feeling, no matter what obstacles you encounter-you are never alone. You are surrounded by people who can listen, support, and guide you. As someone who has lived it, seen it, and heard about it in my advice column and from students on college campuses around the world, I can tell you: it's a fact. You are never alone in college.As one resident director and recent graduate said to me, "They always say that college students deal with the same issues, but until I was a re


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