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The Toyagator Hula Hoop for Kids - Detachable and Size Adjustable Hoola Hoop Pink & Blue (Pack of 1) - Fitness Hoola Hoops Kids Toy for Small Kids and Adolescence

Do you want to exercise and have fun with your children?

The Toygator's Primary Goal Is Providing Children with Developmentally Appropriate Toys with A Big Focus on Safety. Our Hula Hoop Is Versatile for Skill Acquisition as Well as Safe for Children to Play. We Want Children to Inspire Teamwork, Family Play & Physical Skills.

Why Choose our Hoola Hoop?

6 Section Detachable Design, Easy to Assembled Just Snap Them Together Make Sure You Squeeze Each Part Together Until You Hear A Click. The Reason Some People's Hoops Fall Apart Is That They Didn't Click. You Can Alternate Colors, Do Half and Half, Etc. The Ability to Break It Down into Parts Makes It Great to Store.

Locking Mechanism

Our Product Has Improved the Locking Mechanism to Prevent the Hoop from Separating. Once Assembled Appropriately, The Hula Hoop Won't Separate During the Most Intense Gymnastics or Art Performance.


Hoola Hoops Can Be Used for Dance, Exercise & Outdoor Sports, Hoola Hoop Can Be Delightfully Used for Children to Teach Them Flexibility and Balance. It Can Also Be Used as A Pet Toy to Train Agility.


Color: Pink and Blue
6 Pipe Hoops: Diameter 28in(71.12cm),0.52lb(220g)

Package Included

1 X 6 Pieces of Hoola Hoops
1 Packing Box
1 Packing Net Bag

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