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TT TRSMIMA Safety Belt with Adjustable Lanyard - tree climbing belt harness - safety lanyard fall protection-tree climbing lanyard,ladder safety harness with Sports Gloves

Specification: Tension ≥ 20KN Impact Force ≤ 8KN Features: safety harness belt suitable for High altitude work, more convenient for your outdoor activities. This lineman climbing belt is designed to reduce the risk of falling and slipping. You can easily get around obstacles and obstacles while staying connected. Package Included: tree harness climbing kit and a pair of gloves and one 39.4 inch rope. 1 The climbing harness lanyard adopts a widening and thickening protection design to make the waist more comfortable 2 Adjustable design Fall protection harness. Adjust the length freely according to the position of use 3 Methods of wearing tree climbing equipment: When using the tree climbing kit, fasten the seat belt buckle and insert the cord into the small sleeve. The belt should have loops. The length of the belt can be adjusted by yourself. The tightness should be comfortable and firm.