uahpet Pet Dryer for Dog, Portable Handheld Pet Grooming Hair Dryer Less Noise Dog Blow Dryer with NTC Smart Temperature Control High Velocity Pet Force Dryer for Household Travel Camping

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Why Choose uahpet Pet Blower Dryer QUICK DRY Built-in high-speed motor up to 106000 rpm to generate airflow up to the speeds of 50m/s. It only takes 15-20 minutes dry a cat or a small to medium size dog, and it takes 30 minutes fora large dog. LESS NOISE Straight airflow duct design to generate less noise by absorbing and seperating it, Under the same conditions, the noise is 20% lower than that of other dog dryer, ideal for timorous pets. COMPACT & PORTABLE The size of the our pet hair dryer is only 1/10 of the other pet blower grooming dryer, more convenient to use and store. NTC SMART TEMPERATURE CONTROL After pressing the "Smart" button, the cold and Hot air automatically alternate after 3-second cycle. Maintain a comfortable pet temperature of 38.9℃ Package Include: Fluffy-1 dryer*1, User manual*1 ,Concentrator nozzle*1 ,Wide tooth comb nozzle*1 ,Styling nozzle*1 Product specifications: - Input voltage: 120V    - Rated power: 470W     - Dimensions: φ45*h370mm - Material: ABS+PPS+30%GF


  • 【Portable & Travel-friendly】- uahpet Fluffy-1 design for pet travel, it is powerful and easy to carry. Ideal for traveling with your pet. only 1.2 pounds! Only 1/10 of other bulky huge pet blower dryer with hose. Easily store in backpacks and suitcases. Lightweight and portable dog dryer, you can take with you anywhere and dry your pet anywhere, anytime! Noted: uahpet Fluffy-1 Dryer only used for 120 voltage.
  • 【Smart Temperature Control】- uahpet Fluffy-1 built-in high-speed motor with a speed of up to 106,000 rpm, let your dog restore clean and refreshment quickly when traveling. Three precise airflow speeds and two temperature modes(cold/warm) are available. NTC intelligent temperature control, the dryer automatically change between hot and cold air every 3 seconds, to maintain a pet-friendly temperature at 38.9°C. It avoids excessive temperature uncomfortable or harmful to pets.
  • 【Less Noise】- Our dog blow dryer has an innovative straight air duct design to minimize noise and avoid strong noise that makes pets afraid and uncomfortable. The noise is only below 80dB. **Tips: Please begin with the lowest wind speed to dry timorous dogs.
  • 【Smooth Hair】- uahpet Fluffy-1 is an innovative pet grooming tool. It will release high-concentration negative ions in using, removes static electricity and makes your furry friend's hair smoother, fluffy and shiny. Three multi-function nozzles for different occasions and needs. Concentrator nozzle makes the air flow more focused. Wide tooth comb nozzle allows the airflow penetrate the hair deeper and untie knots easily. Styling nozzle spread more negative ions to the hair for a smoother touch.
  • 【Convenient to Use】- uahpet Fluffy-1 perfect combination of high quality, practicality and smart innovation, design for use at home and on the go. Ultra-soft silicone handle makes it comfortable to hold. With a 1.8M/5.9ft long power cord, it greatly increases the flexibility of blow-drying, you can be moved at will. Fluffy-1 Dryer make travel drying become easily, let you and your dog enjoy the great time of the trip!