Valibe Bird Spikes for Small Birds Pigeons 43 Feet Coverage 40 Pack Stainless Steel Bird Spikes Kit Metal Bird Deterrent Spikes with Uninstalled Pins

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Valibe bird deterrent spikes is a physical bird deterrent used to prevent large birds like seagulls, pigeons, squirrel and more from landing or roosting. The stainless steel bird spikes are an effective, humane solution for keeping birds from unwanted areas. Reasons to Choose our Metal Bird Spikes on Amazon ◆About 4 inch high enough to effectively deter birds, pigeons, cats and so on from landing on your fences. ◆Big amount of 21.6 feet large coverage areas to be your most economic choice as a bird deterrent device. ◆Humane design not harm animals. ◆High quality 304 stainless steel bird spikes for best value, durable enough for long term use and will not rust or break exposed to different weather, maintenance free. ◆Simple to install - the bird spikes for small birds can be glued, screwed or tied down on different surface. The stainless steel base are flexible for wider application. ◆Life-time guarantee for every customer. Your satisfaction is what we care most. We offer 100% refund or new replacement bird spikes for pigeons without any question asking if you are not happy with our product. Simple Steps to Install Stainless SteelBird Spikes 1.Clean the surface and make sure the area is dry before installation. 2.For Wood: Use wood screws to secure Bird Spikes into a wood surface. There are two sets of holes between each fan of spikes. Make sure the ends are secured tightly. 3.For Concrete: Outdoor construction adhesive can be used to secure Bird Spikes down to a variety of surfaces. 4.You could also use zip ties to fasten the spikes on certain surface.


  • ❈More Spikes Design with Good Bird Control Effect: Each bird spike strip has 20 pins and 40 points and let our bird spikes a perfect bird deterrent tools. Each bird deterrent spike is located with elaborately designed distance to ensure to effectively keep away animals while not hurting them. Not only can the bird spikes keep birds away, but also they can prevent burglars and other intruders from climbing on your fences. The stainless steel bird spikes works perfectly for small or large birds.
  • ❈Good Valued of More Amount of Bird Spikes. Our bird spikes packages include 40 strips that could cover 43 feet area. You could buy maximum bird spikes for pigeons with best price. The size of each strip of bird spikes is 13" length X 1.1" width X 3.94" depth. With the big amount, those bird spikes for pigeons could effectively prevent birds from landing or roosting. Wider ledges will require multiple rows. You cannot find other bird spikes at this competitive price!
  • ❈Easy Installation Bird Spikes Costing Minimum Effort. Our bird spike comes two different packages including unassembled and pre-assembled spikes. It takes several minutes to install all spikes onto the base. Each bird spike strip can be glued, screwed or tied down to most surfaces. You could use industrial glue, screw or zip ties to fasten the spikes onto the surface. Prior to installation of the bird spike, please make sure the surface is clean and dry.
  • ❈Genuine 304 Stainless Steel Bird Spikes for Long Term Use. Our bird spikes for large birds are made of premium 304 stainless steel material and will not get rusty even installed outdoor. Both the pins and bases are 304 stainless steel made. Compared to the plastic bird spikes, our bird spikes for pigeons could withstand longer time use.The bird spikes for small birds or pigeon is deal for different location such as ledges, beams, rafters,chimneys and so on.
  • ❈100% Satisfaction After-sale Service and Risk-free Purchase. We not only offer high quality stainless steel bird spikes, but also offer you 100% satisfaction customer service. We offer life time warranty for our products. If you feel any unsatisfied with our metal bird spikes, we will offer you full refund and new replacement for free as you prefer. Just have a try, take no risk at all.