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Vending Machine 50pcs Empty Round Clear Capsules 2” 50mm - Bulk Capsule for Toy Gumball Machines Small Containers Surprise for Kids Party Favor Prize

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Please notice that these capsules have 1 ventilation Perforation!

Empty Easy Open Clear Plastic Capsules with clear lids is just what you need for your toy vending machine. Put small toys / candy or promotional product in the capsule and snap together the halves. Each capsule is 2 inches / 50 mm so they perfectly fit for easter eggs, toy machines, mini bath bomb molds, party favor gifts, goodie bags, DIY activities, prize hunts, classroom surprise fun and more! STURDY PLASTIC PVC material, flexible and durable, stands wear and tear, keeps its shape to store rings, beauty/arts/craft items etc. These round capsules fit ideally for 25-45 mm bouncy balls and they do NOT get stuck in a candy machine like Acorn capsules may do. Please note that these capsules do not fit for 2” vending machines.