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Vistatech Led Flame Speaker Bluetooth Speaker,Dancing Flames Outdoor Indoor Portable Bluetooth Speaker &Torch Atmosphere Light USB

This outdoor bluetoothspeaker is suitable forfamily gatherings, outdoor sports, indooratmosphere adjustment, and is anadditive to your betterlife.

 Instructions for usingthe bluetooth waterproofspeaker: After turning on thewireless speaker,you will hear the sound of "Bluetooth Mode" and theLED indicator willflash. Open the Bluetooth settings in your phone. Aftertheconnection     is successful, you willhear a"Bluetooth connection successful" sound. Long press + toincrease thevolume, and at the same time increase the volume of the phone toachieve themaximum volume effect, long press - to decrease the volume, youcanadjust     the appropriate volumeaccording to theenvironment. The flame lamp only has the function of a nightlight, which canonly play the role of adjusting the atmosphere, not lighting,please understand.How to turn it on or off: Press and hold the power    button for about 3-5 seconds to turn on oroff the Bluetooth speaker.


1: When the temperature is too high, do not charge thebulbat 0°C to 40°C.

2: It is not recommended to usewhile charging.

3: After fully charged, pleaseunplug the USB cable.

4: Please do not charge the bulb in ahigh humidityenvironment. Version: V3.5 distortion rate 90dB transmissiondistance > 10mpower supply

5: Because thebluetooth lantern speaker issuitable for small parties, the speakercannot achieve the effect of alarge-scale activity subwoofer.Specifications: Light source: LEDPower supply:5V/1A Speaker output power: 5W