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Vorole Hot Wire Anemometer Handheld Wind Meter, color black CMM CFM Air Flow Meter, Air Temperature Gauge with Backlight LCD Display & Bendable Telescopic Probe for in Duct HVAC Airflow Air Velocity Gauge

-Can measure air velocity/airflow/air temperature
-Units conversion
-Max./Min. values of air velocity/airflow
-2/3Max. & average value of airflow
-Can hold, store and delete data
-Low battery indicator
-Auto-off function
-Can store 350 sets of data
-Large LCD display with backlight
-USB port to connect with PC
-Keying chirps

-Unit: 0.00-30.0m/s; resolution: 0.001; min. start value: 0.3; accuracy: ±3%±0.1
-Unit: 0.0-5860Ft/min; resolution: 0.01/0.1/1; min. start value: 60; accuracy: ±3%±20
-Unit: 0.0-355.0Knots; resolution: 0.01; min. start value: 0.6; accuracy: ±3%±0.2
-Unit: 0.0-90.0km/h; resolution: 0.001; min. start value: 1.0; accuracy: ±3%±0.4
-Unit: 0.0-65Mph; resolution: 0.001/0.01; min. start value: 0.7; accuracy: ±3%±0.2

-Range: 0-999900CFM; resolution: 0.001-100; area: 0.001-9999
-Range: 0-999900CMM; resolution: 0.001-100; area: 0.001-9999

-Range: 0.0-45.0℃; resolution: 0.1; accuracy: ±1.0℃
-Range: 32.0-113.0℃; resolution: 0.1; accuracy: ±1.8℉

-Range of air velocity measurement: 45m/s
-Accuracy: ±3%

-1 x Anemometer
-1 x Wand Probe
-1 x USB Cable
-1 x Manual
-1 x Software CD
-1 x Carry Bag