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Vyzzixx Designs Motivational Posters for Classroom, 11x17 Vertical

Set of 6 motivational posters with inspirational quotes superimposed on beautiful mountain scenery. Perfect gift idea for teachers to mount on classroom walls, college students to hang on dorm room walls, and entrepreneurs to decorate their offices. The timeless concepts embodied in these motivational messages will help students, employees, and business owners to overcome short-term problems in order to succeed in long-term goals. Years of experience have been condensed into a few simple, short phrases that you can read in just a few minutes. Change your state of mind by reading, thinking about, and acting on a powerful inspirational quote. When you’re feeling sad, depressed, or overwhelmed these positive reinforcements can help you realize that you can overcome any challenge if you put your mind to it. SPECIFICATIONS Set of: Six inspirational posters Size: 11x17 inches Color: Full color scenery overlaid with black and white text Material: Heavy-duty glossy card stock Frames: NOT INCLUDED INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES I shall find a way or make one The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step If it is to be it’s up to me Sometimes, the only thing you can control is your attitude The pain of working hard only lasts a few hours The pain of quitting lasts forever It doesn’t matter how many times you get knocked down it only matters how many times you get back up