Wall Mounted Toothbrush Holder and Toothpaste Dispenser | Bathroom Storage Shelf | Dustproof Cosmetic Organizer | with Magnetic Cups and Toothbrush Slots | No Drills or Nails (3 Cups)

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Keep Your Bathroom Organized & Add A Modern Touch To It With Our Bathroom Storage Shelf! With large storage space and a compact design, this dust proof toothbrushes holder provides just the right fit for all your bathroom organizing needs. It offers all the storage you need and multiple slots to keep everything organized and safely in place. We made this bathroom holder organizer with families in mind. It features 2-5 magnetic slots and cups, 2-5 toothbrush storage slots, and large compartments to store all your lotions, faces washes, shaving creams, perfumes, etc. to keep them neatly in one place. Space Efficient, Thoughtfully Designed & Sturdy ABS Build The toothbrush holding bathroom shelf is made using only durable ABS plastic that you can easily take apart to clean while being sturdy enough to handle long term use making It perfect for anyone that wants to reduce their plastic waste output It’s designed with the convenience of your family in mind. It features an automatic toothpaste dispenser that’s pressure-sensitive and can be set up quickly and effortlessly without having to rely on any tools using the included suctions pads to make your life simpler. More Features You’ll Love: - It stays firmly in place without slipping or sliding even when filled - Designed with multiple compartments and slots to keep everything neatly organized - Makes a thoughtful gift for friends and family on every occasion - We use a modern and elegant design to elevate the look of any bathroom - The toothbrush holder can easily be taken apart and assembled to clean the easy way Organize Your Messy Bathroom Shelves The Smart Way With This Wall Toothbrush Holder Mount!


  • MULTI-FUNCTION STORAGE: Our bathroom toothbrush holder is designed to be space efficient, it comes with reinforced magnetic cups, toothbrush slots and storage draws, providing you a simple way to keep all your toiletries, toothbrushes, makeup, cosmetics, and more neatly organized and in one place while adding a decorative touch to your bath décor
  • AUTOMATIC DISPENSING: The toothbrush holder for bathroom features an automatic toothpaste dispenser that allows both kids and adults to get just the right amount of toothpaste by applying pressure on the dispenser with their toothbrush without having to touch it
  • EASY TO INSTALL & USE: Our toothbrush shower holder gives you all the space you need to keep your bathroom organized. It comes with 2 sticky suction pads that can quickly and easily be installed so you don’t have to rely on any tools or drill any holes, protect the wall without leaving traces
  • DURABLE & STURDY BUILD: This wall mount toothbrush holder is made using only durable and sturdy ABS Plastic without relying on any BPA to make sure it’s strong enough to handle daily use while doubling as a decorative piece to add a modern touch to your bath
  • WATERPROOF & DUSTPROOF: To make sure your mouthwash cups and toothbrushes stay safe and clean around the clock, we use a waterproof and dustproof design that prevents dust build-up along with offering quick water draining to eliminate the need for daily cleanups