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WaterSong Bathroom Sink Faucet - Waterfall Faucet for Bathroom Sink Brushed Nickel, Single Handle Bathroom Faucet 1 Hole, RV Deck Mount Basin Faucet Vessel Faucet, 360° Rotatable Head, 100% Lead-Free


-Color/Finish: Brushed Nickel

-Number of Holes Required: 1 or 3 (deck plate not included)

-Number of Handles: 1


-Bathroom Sink Faucet x 1

-Water Supply Hose x 2

-User Manual x 1

One of the crown jewels of your bathroom decor will be the faucets. While they come in many styles, few can beat the waterfall style of dispensing water that brings you close to nature every time you open the faucet. This sleek, minimalistic single-handle faucet is perfect for almost any aesthetic, from traditional to contemporary. Paired with crisp lines, the shiny brushed nickel finish creates a bold, modern contrast for your bathroom. 

-The spout rotates 360°, which is especially helpful when cleaning your sink.

-Single-handle faucets are easier to keep clean than center-set versions since there's no room on the base for scum to build up. 

-The shiny brushed nickel finish resists corrosion and fingerprints.

-Certified to cUPC NSC-61, 100% lead-free.

FAQs About Your New Bathroom Faucet

Q. What’s the best way to clean bathroom faucets?

Go for gentle, daily wipedowns with a clean, dry cloth. Weekly, use a non-abrasive sponge and a little soapy water to get off the gunk. For hard water spots, spray your bathroom faucet with a 50/50 percent solution of white vinegar and water. However, test your finish first, and don’t leave vinegar sitting on the surface. Wash with clean water and dry with a cloth.

Q. How long should bathroom faucets last?

Typically a bathroom faucet should last at least 3 years, depending on upkeep and daily wear and tear. If you’re experiencing constant leaks and other frequent problems, it’s high time to switch it out and reach to us ASAP.