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Wave Medical Height Adjustable Bed Assist Bar | Bed Rails for Seniors & Elderly Adults with Hand Assistant Bar | Bed Rails & Recovery Aid Assist in Getting in or Out of Beds | (10-Second Assembly)

Ensure Maximum Stability Getting Into and Out of Bed with a Wave Nitro Bed Assist Bar

If you’re an elderly adult who needs more balance and support, are recovering after an injury or operation, or simply have problems with low mobility, it can be challenging to get in and out of bed safely. Especially so if you have a bed that’s a bit higher or lower than your standard leg length. That’s why we created the innovative, ultra-stable Wave Nitro Bed Assist Bar that gives you the vital support you need in as little as 10 seconds.

Better Personal Protection

at home alone or need a bit of assistance when getting up or lying down to prevent falls, slips, or accidents when help isn’t near. Protect your parents, grandparents, or yourself.

Quick Adjustable Height

That’s because people come in all shapes and sizes and every deserves to have customized help that makes them feel confident.

Right or Left Side

Our bed assist bar can fit on either the left or right side of your bed to make it easier to fit your bedroom layout or work around existing medical equipment.

Slip-Resistant Grip

The top of each bar has a slip-resistant soft foam handle to give you better control over pulling, standing, and gripping stability; important for overall safety.

Short Recovery Needs

Along with elderly adults or patients this assist bar can be used in a minimal capacity for those that are recovery from surgery or injury, so you can use it and put it away for future use if needed.

Product Details:

  • Wave Nitro Bed Assist Bar
  • Universal Bed Compatibility
  • 10-Second Installation
  • Flared Out Stability
  • Non-Slip Grip
  • Fits Either Bedside