Way Basics Eco Stackable Storage Cube, Cubby Organizer (Tool-Free Assembly and Uniquely Crafted from Sustainable Non Toxic zBoard paperboard), Grey

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Product Description Imagine, something as simple as a cube, then imagine it working overtime to keep your clutter contained. The classic cube from Way Basics is that savior in your quest for organization. Stackable by design, you have unlimited combinations to fit any area. Way Basics cubes are individuals, but they can come together to work as a team. You can stack them and customize them in any way you see fit. You can even mix up colors or go monotone, it is entirely up to you! Build monuments to your organization in the form of pyramids or stacks, you can even ladder them if you want. From the Manufacturer Q: Can I take apart or disassemble Way Basics? A: The zBoard storage line is assembled with 3M industrial adhesive so once it's assembled it's very secure and cannot be taken apart. Q: Are Way Basics products stackable? A: Stacking is perfectly fine as long as the units are assembled and used per assembly guides just make sure to attach units together using 3M adhesive. Q: How do I assemble Way Basics furniture? A: Peel, stick, done! Assembling Way Basics is fun, easy, requires no tools and best of all, is frustration-free. Our zBoards attach to each other with industrial-strength, double-sided adhesive strips from 3M. Your package includes an assembly guide with step-by-step pictorials. You can also follow this link to our help page for assembly videos and assembly guides. Q: Is the backer board required? A: The backing board is instrumental to providing the overall structural integrity of your Way Basics Products. Choosing to not use it will make the product susceptible to collapse. The backing board is like the spine that holds the product together. Q: How should I care for my Way Basics furniture? A: Just wipe it clean with a damp cloth using plain or slightly soapy water." Sharp or pointed objects can scratch the paper veneer, so take special care! Q: How strong is the double-sided adhesive tape? A: Very, very strong! We use only 3M brand industrial-strength adhesive tape on our products. To take full advantage of all that sticking power and get optimum adhesion, make sure your bonding adhesive surfaces are clean, dry, and properly joined. It works best if you put together your furniture in a room that's between 70° F to 100° F (21° C to 38° C). This super tape's bonds get stronger during the first 24 hours, place objects on top of your unit to adhere to the adhesive and keep in place. Q: Can I recycle Way Basics furniture when I'm done with it? A: Absolutely. All our products are made from paper, so at the end of its useful life, you can just recycle it in your curbside bin. Your furniture might even find its way back to Way Basics to begin another life as a new zBoard unit! Q: Does Way Basics furniture off-gas or container formaldehyde? A: No, Way Basics furniture does not "off-gas," contain formaldehyde or other toxic ingredients. Off-gasing occurs in the manufacturing process of particle board and MDF in which various types of formaldehyde are used. Q: Is the Way Basics packaging recycled too? A: Since packaging is just used to safely transport and protect your furniture, we'd rather keep it basic, recycled, and completely recyclable to ease the load on our environment. Please reuse or recycle your packaging when you're done with it. Q: My zBoard has minor residue/blemishes, is this normal? A: This is normal and is caused by friction from packaging materials we use to keep your product safe during shipping. To get your zBoards zesty clean, just wipe off with a slightly damp cloth and voila, problem solved! If it still doesn't come off or looks like damage, please contact us with your information here and select the product service icon. Q: Where is Way Basics furniture manufactured? A: Way Basics furniture is made on the beautiful island of Taiwan. Taiwan inherited advanced paper engineering and manufacturing processes enabling 74% of total paper production to come from recycled paper. Taiwan is a


  • IT'S NOT WOOD; IT'S BETTER - Made with durable zBoard recycled paperboard, eco friendly, non-toxic and free of formaldehyde and VOC
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE - Happiness with product and service promised by our CEO and founder
  • TOOL FREE ASSEMBLY - Easy to assemble, no tools required, just peel the 3M Adhesive strips and put together with easy-align pins; 3M industrial Adhesive securely builds unit
  • STRONG and DURABLE - Maximum load 50 lbs (recommended); Must be used right side up as shown
  • DIMENSIONS - Exterior D : 11.2" H : 12.8" W : 13.4" Interior D : 10.7" H : 11.2" W : 11.8"
  • Looking for a cube for Vinyl Records? Search "B002HQQYU0" in the Amazon search bar as this cube does NOT fit Vinyl Records