WIONBE Intelligent Brooder Box 10-20 Chicks Quail Birds Small Animals Manual Incubators Poultry Heater Breeding Box

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  • 50W HEATING LAMP:Quickly Preheat The Breeding Box In 3s, Adjust The Brightness Of The Bulb Through The Stepless Knob And Control The Temperature Of The Brooding Box From 0-120 ˚ F.(Brood Box Needs To Be Assembled 15.75x11.81x11.81 in)
  • BROODERS are Used For Most Pet Pups And Poultry Hatching, Breed Incubation 0-15 Day Hairless Chicks 20 Only.(Consumers Recommend Iiving with 4-5 Feathered Chicks)
  • TEMPERATURE/HUMIDITY DISPLAY: Accurate Digital Screen Provides Temperature And Humidity Changes.
  • HEATER Increases The Survival Rate Of Hatching Chicks Ducklings Birds Quails Rabbits Puppies And Kittens Stay Warm And Cozy Like In My Mother'S Arms.
  • TRANSPARENT WINDOWS:Children Watch Everything Curiously While Raising Animal Cubs. The Broad Vision Will Meet The Needs Of Family Incubation Or Help Children Understand The Entire Incubation Process And Cultivate Children'S Curiosity.