Witforms / Classic - Adjustable AC air Deflector Suitable for Split air conditioners. Enhance Cooling and Heating Circulation Transparent

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Made in Turkey ???? Air conditioner deflector that lets you control the airflow direction. Indoor AC units give us only limited control over the direction in which the air flows. In most cases, this is inefficient and either forces us to turn off the air conditioner or causes muscle cramps or even a cold. However, we have a solution! We introduce to you the universal air conditioner accessory CLASSIC from Witforms An innovative product that will put an end to the unpleasant air draft. No more colds, neck spasms or back pain! Enjoy a comfortable room temperature round the year without worrying that you or your children might be exposed to air draft. This is the product you have been looking for There are many designs that are suitable for all types of air conditioners, just visit our store and check the following models: Classic – Premium – Premium Plus - Split – Central – Grille – Stand – Window – Cassette - Square


  • Adjustable to fits all Split air conditioner types that contain air outlet range between 60 cm and 110 cm in length.
  • Rotatable 360°, can be adjusted freely to change the air-conditioner wind direction.
  • Easy to install – no tools or drilling required. Air deflector's wings are easy to disassemble for cleaning.
  • Convenient for both summer and winter to enjoy cool and warm air respectively.
  • Pure and transparent wings, does not interrupt the remote control signal of the air conditioner.