Xantrex Prowatt SW2000 2000W True Sinewave Inverter Model# 806-1220 Brand New

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The PROwatt SW Series feature True Sine-Wave AC output with 540, 900 and 1800 continuous watts respectively. With high surge capability, the PROwatt SW Series provides the necessary current to startup demanding electrical loads such as variable speed power tools, advanced electrical appliances, microwaves and much more. In addition to dual GFCI AC receptacles, the PROwatt SW Series include an innovative USB connection for providing power to most USB chargeable devices. The PROwatt SW Series offers many safety features not found in similar inverters. When equipped with a remote control, the PROwatt SW Series has the ability to provide automatic ignition lockout shutting down the inverter’s output when the vehicle’s ignition is not engaged.


  • COMPACT: Lightweight and small, the PROwatt SW true sine wave inverter is efficiently designed for 12V battery banks and provides clean consistent power for sensitive electronics. It is an affordable alternative to modified sine wave inverters.
  • QUALITY POWER: Delivers optimal continuous power, making it ideal for large single loads, intermittent loads, or multiple smaller loads. Ability to reliably power CPAP machines, electronics, coffee machines, small power tools, microwaves, and is perfect for boats, RVs, work trucks, or commercial vehicles.
  • EASY-TO-USE: The built-in digital display offers system performance information such as input voltage and output power. The PROwatt SW features dual GFCI outlets and a USB port, for easy use of modern electronics.
  • SAFE: Approved to UL458 with marine supplement, CSA, and FCC requirements. For easier troubleshooting, the PROwatt SW has power and fault signals to indicate potential line voltage, overheating, or overloading.
  • EASY-TO-INSTALL: DC connectors conveniently located in the back of the inverter. Bolts and nuts included. Minimal tools are needed for the installation.
  • COMPATIBLE: Highly configurable for a variety of applications. Can be configured into larger electrical systems such as solar installations.