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xnicx 47pcs 7'' Hair Curlers Rollers Flexi Rods Flexible Curling Rods Set No Heat Heatless Bendy Foam Hair Curls for Long, Medium, Short Hair to Sleep in

HAIR CURLING RODS INSTRUCTIONS 1)Wrap the ends around the rod and rotate your hair around the same area 1 or 2 times. 2)Keep your hair strands close together for a tight curl & further apart for a looser curl. Fold the ends of the rods down to secure them in place. 3)Allow your hair to dry completely before taking out the rod, Air dry or use a hair dryer. 4)Fixed for about 2 hours.Spray your hair with a styling spray for better results 5) Finally,remove the rod, bend the ends back up and unravel in the opposite direction Twirl the ends of the curl around your finger to eliminate frizz.