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Yeler 8 Inch Impulse Heat Sealer, Manual Poly Machine for Plastic Bags PE PP Bags with Extra Replace Element Grip

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Warmly Tips:

1)Important Notice: The light only turns on and the sealer is activated when the handle is pressed down!

2)Level 3 is enough for most applications.

3)Recommend starting low and gradually increasing your setting from 2.5-4.5 temperature for different bags.

4)Keep the sealer's surface clean to avoid the oxidation of the residue which will reduce the life of the heat sealing strip.

5)Do not use wet cloth to clean the surface of heat sealing strip.

6)If this machine works continuously for more than 30 minutes, please let the machine rest for 3-5 minutes.


-High temperature resistant silica gel makes your sealer have a longer service life than other ordinary sealer , the smoother silicone strip make the sealing effect way better.

-High quality electric heating wire and high temperature resistant cloth enable to heat your poly bags effectively and seals them better.

-Time control panel designed temperature adjustment knob have 8 stalls to meet the needs of different materials.

-The heat dissipation design at the bottom make sure your safety during usage.

-The impulse heat sealer melts one layer of plastic to another, creating a strong permanent seal that can only be broken by cutting or ripping it open. Make sealing poly bags a quick and easy process!

Specification: - Impulse power: 300W - Voltage: 110V - Heat Time: 1 -2.5s - Sealing length: 195mm - Sealing width: 2mm - Max sealing thickness: 10mil PP and PE bag thickness of temperature grade for reference:

Max sealing thickness: 13.5mil

Recommended Max sealing thickness:10mil = 0.254mm

3.5-4.5/temperate grade for---10mil=0.254mm

4.5-5.5/ temperate grade for---11mil=0.2794mm

5.5-6.5/temperate grade for---12mil=0.3048mm

6.5-8/temperate grade for---13.5mil=0.3429mm