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YumCute Home Enamel Milk Pan with Dual Pour Spout Butter Warmer Milk Pot for Stove Top Healthy White Enameled Inside Coating Iron 1QT Small Soup Pot with Wooden Handle Handy Pot (White)

Why we choose Enamel Sauce Pan for warming smaller liquid portions?
●Enamel is a glass material, smooth surface not easy to breed bacteria, easy to clean and maintenance.
●Environmental non-toxic, enamel layer has excellent chemical stability, enamel has resistance to acid and alkali composition of corrosion, suitable for cooking,baking and food storage. It won’t change the food taste ,either.
●Curve spout on the pan let pouring out sauces or liquids easily. Ergonomically designed wooden handle safe and comfortable to use.
●Caution: This product can not be used in microwave ovens, outdoor grills and bonfire.

How should I care for my enamelware?
● Enamelware is very durable, but it also can be damaged if not handle with proper care.
●Throwing, dropping or scratching is really not recommended.
●If your enamelware chips happens accidentally on the outside, you can still use it.
●However, if you see that your enamelware is damaged in a place that can have contact with food, you should stop using it for eating or storing food.
●Protect your enamelware by drying it thoroughly after each washing or use.

To extend the life of enameled cookware:
●Daily cleaning for enamel cookware, a sponge and dish soap will be sufficient.
●Heat cookware gradually and avoid heating empty;
●In case of overheating, instead of washing under cool water , first step is letting it cool down by itself
●Rapid change of temperature may damage enamel coating
●Do not wash cookware immediately after cooking;
●Do not pour cold water into high tempertature cookware.