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November 03, 2022 1 min read

Have you ever opened a mystery box from Box Flipz? If not, now is your chance to experience one! AMZ mystery boxes have recently gone viral. For those of you who are curious to know why. Allow us to let you in on the secret. When purchasing an AMZ mystery box from Box Flipz you don't just receive the ultimate mystery unboxing experience, but you also have a great chance to receive products worth way more than the initial price of their mystery box. Box Flipz has had customers that have received lots of amazing top branded items ranging from the most recent "the Ultimate Massage Gun" Thera guns that are priced at ($399),  too top branded items worth well over $200's in price in which makes these AMZ mystery boxes a huge hit for the holidays! These factory-sealed mystery boxes are full of surprises and you never know what you will receive.  These AMZ Mystery Boxes make the perfect gift for grab bag or a loved one. Not only would these boxes make great gifts, but they also come with an experience worth sharing!

If you are an online reseller you can make $100's of dollars from a single box. Each box contains 25-40 mystery items that may or may not include electronics, beauty products, and more. There is no telling what you will receive in your box as these boxes arrive at our warehouse factory sealed but that is all a part of the fun! Order your AMZ Sealed Mystery Box today from Box Flipz and receive the ultimate unboxing mystery experience!